This is the ultimate photography educational experience. Explore the exotic and charming city of Prague while taking your skills to the next level.

Taught by world-renowned photographers Bob Davis and Jared Platt, you’ll capture awe-inspiring images for your portfolio while learning techniques you can immediately use in your own photography.  Using a diverse array of activities and lessons, you’ll be immersed in learning environment that teaches with lectures, studio practice, professional models, street shooting, on-location lighting, group activities, and post-processing exercises. In addition to the education, you’ll experience historic accommodations and a culinary tour, with dinners and wine served at the finest restaurants in Prague.  You will eat, drink, and sleep photographic creativity, and form new friendships that will last for a lifetime.

Bob Davis



After more than 25 years in the business including 14 years as an award-winning photographer for the Chicago Sun-Times, Bob Davis’ photo and teaching assignments continually carry him around the globe.  A member of Canon Explorer’s of Light team, Bob believes that the power of photography lies in its ability to tell a story by documenting moments in time.


Jared Platt



Jared Platt is a professional wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is also the photo industry’s recognized workflow efficiency expert and is known worldwide for his lightroom training. Jared has been a professional photographer and educator for the past 20 years and lectures at major trade shows, photo conferences and universities around the world.

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The instruction will take place Tuesday September 20th through Tuesday September 27th. Wednesday September 21st and Monday September 26th are free days, designed to give you the ability to enjoy Prague and the surrounding areas on your own or with classmates.


  • Check-in 16:00/4:00pm


  • Breakfast
  • Welcome meet-and-greet group dinner in the evening


  • Breakfast
  • Morning Lecture:  Bob Davis
  • Live Shooting:  Technique Part 1, split into 2 groups
  • Group Dinner


Český Krumlov Excursion

  • Boxed Breakfast on the Bus
  • Q&A with Bob and Jared during the ride
  • Live Shooting:  Portfolio Building and Street Shooting
  • Group Dinner in Český Krumlov


  • Breakfast
  • Morning Lecture:  Jared Platt
  • Live Shooting:  Technique Part 2
  • Dinner:  on your own in preparation for night shoot
  • Evening/Night Live Shooting: Technique, evening/nighttime lighting


  • Breakfast
  • 9a-10:  Lecture – Bob Davis
  • 10a-11: Lecture – Jared Platt
  • Live Shooting: Technique Part 3
  • Group Dinner


  • Breakfast
  • Celebratory Group Dinner
  • Review of Images shot by attendees.
  • Prizes Awarded


  • Check out 10:00am


Since the workshop is limited to a small group of people and because we spend a big week together, you’ll find that a big part of the experience is the relationships that are formed and the incredible amount of fun that we have together. You’ll be left with a set of tools that will make you a better photographer and a better businessperson, and you’ll also be left with a lifetime of memories


Free Day.  Explore the beautiful wonders and culture of Prague.  I always love to a talk a walk around a new city to get my bearings, soak up the local culture, become familiar with my new surroundings and seek out possible photo opportunities.

We will be hosting a welcome dinner where we can meet and get to know everyone over a delicious meal.  Jeff, Jared, Dawn and I are excited to learn more about each one of you and how we may be help you in your photographic journey and exploration of Prague.



Morning Lecture by Bob Davis: Bob believes in mastering the basics and will review the holy trinity of Exposure in relation to Off Camera Flash, ISO, Aperture, Shutter and how they are your creative variables for creating photographs.  “I’ve learned from the best, Michael Jordan, to always practice the basics, have them down so solidly that when the big shot is in happening you will have the confidence to capture what you see in your minds eye.  This will lead into your exploration of becoming a “Seeker of Light”.

Live shooting:  Each day we will divide the class into two groups alternating between Jared and Bob to give a well rounded education in lighting, composition, and capturing the story telling moment.  The goal of this first shoot is to get our feet wet.  Take some of the techniques from the morning class and put them to use in the real world.  Don’t worry, Jared and Bob will be on hand to assist you with questions you may have.  Jared and I want to see how you see and use light, weather it’s natural, reflective, or off camera flash.  Each day we will be hitting the streets of Prague with our models.  May I suggest keeping your load light and start off with one small light stand and one off camera flash and means to trigger it.  Don’t worry; we are going to talk plenty about gear.

Group dinner:  We all love to talk photography and dinner is a great time to share your experiences of the day, what worked, what didn’t and what can we do better.


Český Krumlov Excursion

We will have a boxed breakfast in route to this medieval city.  This is a great time for Q&A with Bob and Jared.  Bob and Jared will open the discussion with the topic of using off camera flash in a run and gun situation using small light modifiers while working with our models.

Once in Český Krumlov we will break into two groups and search out great backgrounds and vignettes to create photographs.  Bob will share how they light for the pose and pose for the light while working with our amazing models.  This will surely give you an opportunity to expand your portfolio while in the Czech Republic with a different look and feel from Prague.  Jared will walk you through the streets watching over you as you practice the arts of Street, Landscape and Architectural Photography to capture the spirit of people and scenes of Český.  Throughout your time with Bob and Jared they will explain the value in composing the picture and waiting for the moment and how to be prepared with the correct camera settings.

Group Dinner: No doubt you will still have questions and want to discuss things that went well and things that didn’t go so well.  Again, Bob and Jared are at your disposal to discuss photography and anything else that come up in conversation.



Morning Lecture by Jared Platt: Jared is well known for his knowledge in the world of post-production,  but what you might not know is that Jared also hold a masters degree in photographic history and discussing the art of photography is his true love.  This morning will be spent discussing framing, timing, subject matter, details and vantage points, the things that make up your photographs. And while you learn about photography, you will also be learning about post production in Lightroom.  You can bring your laptops and follow along with your own work, if you have an iPad, or even a Phone, that’s ok too. Because Jared is going to teach you how to work on your photos in Lightroom no matter where you are.

Live shooting technique part two.  Practice, practice, practice….  Jared and Bob will be sharing their techniques for capturing stunning images anywhere, anytime and be on hand to guide and assist you.  This is a great time for individual time with your instructors to ask questions and get answers.  Those who would like to take a rest so they can be ready for a late night shoot may do so. Everyone else is encouraged to gather round and listen in to discussions and tutorials even if you don’t have a burning question.  Often times you learn what you need to learn when someone else asks the question that you didn’t know you had.

Dinner on your own.

The Night Shoot:  Bob and Jared will divide the class into two groups and explore the city at night.  They will share the power of the ISO and how to blend off camera flash and available light so it looks and feels natural.  The human eye can see light and shadow in many degrees and shades of color, rapidly changing between the dark areas and the bright streetlights.  Our cameras can’t always capture what our eyes can see.  Bob will also share how he uses Live View mode to dial in near perfect color and expose then using lighting to create mood.  This might also be a good time to use your tripod or practice at becoming steady.  Bob and Jared will share some camera mechanics for holding your camera steady and shooting at slower shutter speeds than you thought possible.  And Jared will share his techniques for mimicking natural lighting in complicated scenarios.  The night shoot is a great time to get creative as a group and individually.  Bob and Jared will be right there with you, giving you examples and looking over your shoulder to help you create your own incredible images.



Morning Lecture:

9 – 10 with Bob Davis: Exploring light modifiers from small bounce cards, portable Light Spheres, grids, umbrellas and soft boxes.  How they change the quality and direction of light and when to use which light modifier.

10 – 11 with Jared Platt: Taking the next step with your photographs, Jared will walk you through the process of making good images great in post-production.  As much as you would like to be a master at the camera, that simply isn’t the way photography works. Even Adams and Cartier-Bresson perfected their images in Post-Production. Your work as a photographer isn’t finished until you have delivered that finished print to the world. Watch Jared as he works on the images you have captured throughout the week.  Each student will be given the opportunity to submit a few photos to be edited and critiqued by Jared in this session.

Live shoot part three.

This will be an exercise in using light; Bob and Jared will offer an idea to each student and challenge him or her to think about how they would light it.  You must use at least one off camera flash or reflector, don’t worry, they will have a bag full of light modifiers for you to use if you do not have your own.  Everyone will watch and learn as each student takes their turn.  This is where the students get to test their understanding and grasp of light and composition with a capable instructor at their side.

Group Dinner: Turn in your favorite images from the week during dinner or before your head hits the pillow because we will be reviewing them on our last day together.


Breakfast: Q&A while we share breakfast.

Free Day: Enjoy, let your mind wander take a break from learning and take in your surroundings.  Capture some travel photos; pretend you’re on assignment for National Geographic Travel.

Celebratory Dinner

Review photographs taken by the group.  Prizes and awards.

Masterclass Details

“The ancient splendor and beauty of Prague, a city beyond compare, left an impression on my imagination that will never fade” –Richard Wagner


You will be staying in one of 18 beautifully-appointed rooms located in the city. Prague Residences has many options offered. Rooms will be located throughout their 7 Tales Suites, Royal Route Mansions, Royal Boutique Residence and ABC Suites.


This experience is as much about great food as it is great photography!  Designed to introduce you to the best cuisine, the masterclass includes breakfast every morning and dinners on class days—including wine.  There will also be a celebratory final dinner on our last night together.


Temperatures in Prague will average a pleasant 65°F/19C° during the day to a chilly 48°F/9C° at night, so jackets/sweaters are recommended. The is always the chance of afternoon shower, so bring a light rain jacket just in case.


You are able to fly directly into Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG)

What to Bring

Camera Gear: Your camera, your best lenses, speedlight flashes, a reflector, a portable scrim, small lightstands, and a laptop.

Clothing and Toiletries: It’s best to bring all the clothing you need for the week, however the 1-bedroom apartments feature a washing machine in each unit (there are no dryers, and the studio apartments do not have washing machines).  The apartments provide an initial supply of soap, but bring whatever toiletries you need with you, or plan to visit one of the many shops within walking distance.


Czech Republic uses the Czech koruna for currency.  Recently the exchange rate has been approxmiately 24.2 Czech Korunas per dollar.  Food and many goods and services in Prague will be noticeably less expensive than other countries that use the Euro.


$2,495, €2232, £1744 :  This is per person attending the class, which includes accommodations for seven nights, breakfast each morning, dinner on class days, model fees, and all education.


Prices start at just $495, €443, £346 additional for family members or friends who are not attending class but will share your room, and discounts are available for multiple people who sign up for the class. For any of these scenarios, please contact us for details.


If desired, an EZPAY plan breaks the cost into three payments of $875, €783, £612. The 1st payment is required to reserve your spot, the 2nd payment is due by July 1st, and the balance is due September 1st.



7 Lodging Days


4 Class Days


Amazing Memories


Breathtaking Photographs


Both full purchase and EZPAY are available online, just click the REGISTER button, or contact us below.

Contact Information

We’re accessible!  If you have questions, comments, or are just plain lonely, our Relations Manager Sarah will be more than happy to assist. Just call the office or drop us an email.  Office hours are from 8am – 4pm pacific time Monday through Friday.

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